In this post, we want to take the time to introduce you to Melissa Lombard - Broker Associate and the newest member of our team at KimbleCo!

Hi Melissa! Can you tell us a bit about your background and how it applies to your new position with KimbleCo?

The bulk of my career has been in sales and marketing. I’ve occupied various roles from consultant to VP of Sales and worked with client companies of all sizes - in industries all across the spectrum. One of my most interesting roles was as a consultant to owners who were planning to exit their companies within the next seven years. After reviewing their sales and marketing processes, I identified ways to improve efficiencies, reduce redundancies and increase profitability. This resulted in increased valuations as well as increased profits.

Working alongside business owners at all stages of the business lifecycle, I understand the significance of every line item. Commercial real estate is second only to employee costs in terms of expenses for business owners. My background equips me to help owners and executives evaluate how their real estate costs factor into their bottom line as well as identify strategies that make the most sense for the health of their businesses as they exist today and for the years ahead.

What can clients expect when working with you? What words do you think they would use to describe you?

If the clients I work with today were to describe me, I imagine they would choose words like curious, connector, efficient and enthusiastic. Connecting is something that comes naturally for me. Whether it’s building relationships, making introductions or connecting the dots, working with me feels like time spent with someone who’s committed to your business success. In the beginning, I spend a fair amount of face time with each client, going through numerous questions to gain an understanding of their business – from the founder story to their 10-year vision. Success is as much about where you’ve been and where you’re going as it is about where you are currently at. The more I know, the better I can advise my clients on real estate strategies that makes sense for their unique situations.

I also love finding ways to maximize productivity. My clients are incredibly busy so it’s my job to maintain clear processes, stay on top of project milestones and clearly communicate with them so they feel confident they’re in capable hands and that they won’t encounter any surprises.

When you’re not working at KimbleCo, what do you enjoy doing?

Outside of work, there are a lot of things I love to do around the calendar. After 15 years in Texas (and a short stint in Costa Rica), I am thrilled to be back in my home state of Minnesota and I’m fully embracing the seasons. This winter I skied, took a curling lesson and enjoyed lots of time in front of the fireplace with a book and mug of coffee. In the spring and fall, my husband and I love morning and evening nature walks. Summer, for me, is the time for camping trips, hiking, weekends on the North Shore and time with friends and family. I also enjoy reading the latest business books and decorating fancy sugar cookies and each winter finds me trying once again to nail my grandma’s lefse recipe.

If you had to choose your favorite quote which quote would you choose?

I could add ‘quote collecting’ to my list of things I love doing so choosing a favorite is a tall order but one I’m enjoying lately is:

"No one can do it for you, but you can’t do it alone."

Thanks Melissa for taking some time to introduce yourself. We wish you the best in your new position at KimbleCo!