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  • Businesses

  • Real Estate Investors

  • Landowners

  • Corporate Real Estate Teams

  • Cities and Counties

  • Public-Private Partnerships

  • Developers and Contractors


Development services

Project vision and strategy to align real estate project with corporate goals.

Identify/develop project team to ensure the right people deliver the optimal expertise to meet project milestones. 

Site selection/assembly of single or multiple sites to determine best location based on corporate or investment strategy, building requirements, and operational needs.

Economic analysis and pro forma development to ensure the project is feasible against internal financial targets, complete and accurate from a budget standpoint and positioned for success in the context of the market.

Due diligence/acquisition to identify and mitigate the risks associated with site environmental, physical, regulatory or market conditions. Negotiation of purchase agreement or lease for site.

Governmental approvals/entitlements to navigate the formal (regulatory) and informal, public and private approvals necessary to develop and complete a successful project.

Economic incentives to optimize project economics. Identification, strategy, grant-writing and negotiation of incentives both public and philanthropic.

Leasing to maximize investment returns.

Horizontal land development to transform large sites through sustainable master planning and development of streets, amenities and district systems.

Development project management to ensure the project will be developed according to goals and to maximize opportunities for improvement throughout the process.

Stakeholder engagement and management to mobilize, organize, communicate and manage to individual expectations of stakeholder groups whether corporate or community.

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