Build-to-Suit Development 

United States


There is nothing better than a repeat client. This assumes a trusted relationship has been established. It means a satisfied client. It means the opportunity for continued innovation as a team.

KimbleCo’s principals have established just this type of relationship with numerous clients over the years. This success is best represented by the example of two different clients representing both office and industrial product. A platform of account and relationship management strategies were developed to facilitate these multiple ground up build-to-suit developments and to ensure client satisfaction resulting in repeat business over time. Cost and time efficiencies as well as creative financial structures created mutual benefit.

In this particular example, five build-to-suit office projects were developed for a Fortune 500 healthcare company and four distribution facilities were developed for a Fortune 500 food company.  All were long-term net lease transactions.

We worked closely with the clients from site selection through design and construction, incentives capture, governmental approvals and specialized agreements. Project management with exteme attention to detail was important from start to finish.

Project benefits included cost savings, shortened schedules, incentives and design specific to their businesses that would retain and attract talent and enhance brand. The development of these trusted relationships allowed for creative deal structuring that leveraged the credit of the clients and the strength of the development team. 

The outcome was the ability to provide the client a GMP and the developer a minimum guaranteed return with the opportunity for shared profits beyond the guarantee. This structure proved very successful and was mutually beneficial for all parties.

KimbleCo’s principals were responsible to return the expected margin to their developer employer while exceeding expectations and building relationships with the customers.


Product Type

Suburban build-to-suit office
Industrial distribution


Fortune 500 Healthcare company
Fortune 500 Food company


Columbus, OH
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Fort Worth, TX
Greensboro, NC
Knoxville, TN
Lebanon, IN
Salt Lake City, UT
St. Augustine, FL
St. Louis, MO

scope of services

Site selection and due diligence

Public incentives capture

Design and construction coordination

Complex rail service agreements

Project management

Net lease negotiation


Multiple, trusted transactions between the clients and development team

Increased efficiencies in the design and develop process as well as contract negotiations

Successful public incentives capture aligned with corporate contributions to the community

Well-located, well-designed offices to attract and retain talent

Projects delivered on time and on budget

Unique deal structure that allowed both developer and client to realize additional financial benefits upon investment sale