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Coworking spaces are continuing to expand across the globe. We work differently than we used to and we don’t necessarily work in the same space every day. So what is coworking anyway? Coworking is one of the fastest growing sectors in commercial real estate yet represents only 1% of the world’s office space.

Coworking is:

  • Membership-based, shared workspace with open, dedicated and private offices

  • Cool, shared, common space with lots of community and camaraderie

  • Amenity-rich and for anyone from a solopreneur to a Fortune 100 organization 

The term was first used in 1999, and the first coworking spaces were developed in San Francisco in 2006 – including Hat Factory and Citizen. Today there are over 19,000 coworking spaces across the globe and over 25 coworking operators in the Twin Cities area. Some building owners are even starting to get into the coworking business to monetize common area spaces.

KimbleCo is especially experienced in coworking:

  • We are coworking members 

  • We are consultants to coworking brands

  • We are real estate brokers and project managers to coworking brands

Our experience includes:

New coworking business, brand and space

  • Develop business model

  • Develop financial pro forma

  • Build the project team

  • RFP, contract negotiation and management of brand consultant

  • RFP, contract negotiation and management of architect

  • RFP, contract negotiation and management of contractor

  • RFP and management of furniture vendor

  • Project management of development and construction process from design - construction

  • Assist with marketing

New coworking business, brand and space in a niche coworking concept

  • Develop business model

  • Develop financial pro forma

  • Review and comment on business plan

  • Assist with funding resources

  • Negotiate selection of architect, manage contract negotiations

  • Negotiate selection of contractor, manage contract negotiations

  • Provide tenant rep services to find space – assist with lease negotiation

  • Project management coordination services for development of new space

Existing coworking business

  • Consulting services and marketing of existing coworking locations

  • Tenant rep services to find new locations


Benefits of a coworking space

Flexible terms 

Reduced costs 

Built-in amenities

Business networking

Business services

Cool common space 

Opportunity to work in multiple locations

Product type


scope of services

Development & New Business Consulting

Project Management

Marketing & Promotion


3 Local Twin Cities Coworking Companies

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Growth & Profitability

Unique Brand Development



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