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Sometimes where you start is not where you end up. Initially looking to expand in place from 3,000 square feet to about 9,000 square feet, our client wanted to make sure they were getting a competitive deal. The “hot” submarket they were in had grown significantly, and the building had sold since moving in just over three years earlier. Base rents were already $3+ per square foot more than what they were in their existing lease.

As we dug into the market to find great competitive space and began touring, they determined they needed more space – potentially up to 20,000 square feet. Because this size was a bit harder to find in the area they were currently in, we found new options and expanded the geographic boundaries of the search. Not long after, our client increased the scope to 40,000 – 60,000 square feet. Adding to the space factor, our client was highly focused on culture. This very entrepreneurial company prides itself on diversity, health, and inclusion, and despite having grown tremendously in the last few years, did not want to lose the culture they had carefully cultivated as a start-up technology firm. 

Additionally, another group from a suburban location would be joining them, and this group initially had some hesitancy on moving to an urban location. All of this meant that they were looking for unique space that they could make their own, where the team and its clients felt good and welcome. They wanted transportation and parking options (not always an easy find in an urban setting), and a place not too far from where their teams could get outside and be active. 

Determined to find great options that offered the right cultural fit, competitive pricing and flexibility in lease terms, KimbleCo presented several options, and the client quickly shortlisted properties after a competitive proposal process. Not an easy decision to make, but one that ultimately felt right, they chose a newer building that met their needs and had opportunity for expansion. This entire search process took well over a year, but the fit was right, and it was worth the time to make sure it was the best place for them. 

As the lease was nearing completion, the client expressed a need for a local project manager to act on their behalf. KimbleCo again stepped in, competed for the business and won. The project management services scope encompassed project planning and budgeting, procurement of design, construction, furniture, graphics, signage, IT and audio visual team members, and then management of the design and construction process through close-out. All of this had to be done within a strict budget and on a very tight timeline. Ultimately this 40,000 square foot project completed design within 60 days and construction within 90 days. 

Along the way KimbleCo also performed advisory consulting services for WELL Building certification opportunities. 

The project was a success, and the outcome was a happy client with one of the coolest new places to call home in urban Minneapolis!
— Daniel Easton, Rally Health

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