Buy or lease: What’s the right choice for your business?

Your business is ready to make the move to a new space, but the question is: should you lease or is now the right time to buy? The debate between buying or selling is dependent on your business goals, budget and other important factors including how you are managing your cash needs, balance sheet, and profit and losses (P&L). We’ve created this infographic as a starting point to help you determine the best choice for your company. Also listed are a few of the advantages and disadvantages of each option so you can make an informed decision.

Buy vs Lease Infographic_Final-01.jpg

Keep in mind that market factors play an incredibly important role in the lease vs. buy decision.  So, the decision tree above can change depending on the state of the real estate market. Once overall goals are identified, then you will need to work through various financial calculations to determine what is best for you; this may include present value and after-tax analysis.

We are happy to help you analyze and arrive at the decision that is right for you so get in touch with us. The KimbleCo team has been the trusted advisor for many businesses making important commercial real estate decisions like this one!